If the temperature at the FBKS  International Airport  is -25F or below, then practice is cancelled with the exception of scheduled Live Webcast Teachings. 

Weekly - Practice Suspended until Nov 1st, 2017

Wednesday Nights

1st Week  -  5:30p to 7:30p Tsog 

2nd Week -  6:00p Listen to Lojong teachings and 6:30p  Shamatha practice

3rd Week  - 6:00p Listen to the Heart Sutra Teaching  and 6:30p Heart Sutra practice

4th Week  - 6:30p Tonglen also called 'Giving and Receiving'

5th Week  - 6:00p Riwo Sanchod practice

* Good practices for newcomers are Lojong, Shamatha and Tonglen. You are welcomed to arrive 15 minutes prior to practice  for instructions.


Live Webcast - None currently scheduled

Tsog Celebration - Setup is at 5:30p and practice begins thereafter.

What is a Tsog?